Keep your contact details up to date

Returning paper forms to us

We ask that all forms are returned to us BEFORE the day of your appointment, to give us chance to read them beforehand.


Make sure your form includes your full name and date of birth.  

If you know who requested it, please address it FAO that person.


If you have been sent a text with a link, you can use it to send the form back to the person who requested it.

Otherwise you can

  • drop the form in to us through the letter box (note that at Girton this must be before 12noon).  During COVID we cannot allow entry to the building unless you have an appointment, but you can leave the form in the letter box
  • post it to us at Huntingdon Road Surgery, Cambridge CB3 0DB
  • scan/photograph your form and email it to us at 


Travel Assessment Form

See our Travel Clinic pages. 

Click opposite to download the form.


What happens next?

Once we have received your forms, we will contact you to arrange an initial travel clinic appointment with our travel nurse.

We will usually call your (mobile) number. If we are unable to contact you, we will text you.

This usually takes a few working days. However, at busy times it may take longer.  Please only contact us if you have not heard from us after 2 weeks.



Should I be measuring my blood pressure?

The forms on this page are provided for the use of patients who we have asked to provide us with a home reading.  Most patients will be doing so ahead of an appointment with the nurse or doctor.



If you are looking for advice on how to use your blood pressure machine, check the manufacturer's website for a demo video like this one from Omron.

How will I get the results of my home blood pressure readings?

When we ask you to complete this form we will agree with you what will happen next.

Most people will be asked to do it because they have an appointment with the nurse or doctor soon.  If so, we will discuss this result with you then.

Otherwise we will usually text you with the results and next steps.  Please make sure you keep your contact details up to date, and tell us your telephone number at the top of the form. 

Do not assume that no news is good news.  Sometimes forms go missing, or have been mislabelled.  YOU must check that we received the form and what the next steps are.

Unfortunately, at busy times it may take us 2 weeks to get back to you.


If you are not sure what the next step is, and if you have waited 2 weeks and have not heard from us

Check your online record.  This is the best and easiest option for you and us.  Your doctor or nurse will have recorded the results and their advice in your record.  You should be able to see the form you submitted in the letters section.

If you are still not sure, or think that something has gone wrong, please contact us.