Driver Medical - New Application

NEW application

Use this form to start a new application and to book an appointment for your medical examination with one of our team.

If you have already started an application and wish to update us click here.


This form will take you about 15minutes to complete. 

This form will also also tell you what you need to do to prepare for the examination.


To complete this form you will need:

The application form from your council or DVLA

Your GP details (practice address and phone number)

A list of your current medication

Pen and paper to note down everything you need to bring with you to your appointment


You need to answer all the questions.  At the end you will see a green message confirming your form has been sent.


Once you have submitted the form, we will call you to arrange your appointment.  If you haven't heard from us in 1 week, contact our reception team on 01223 364127.


You will need a pen and paper