COVID-19 Vaccinations (Cantab PCN)

This page was updated on 24.1.21


"Thanks for the amazing production that was the vaccination today. It was incredibly efficient, the staff spoke to me as though I was the only patient they had and it was all done very quickly. I am impressed and grateful for all the hard work that must have gone in to getting it all ready." 


"Thank you so much for the vaccine yesterday. You were all so organised & so friendly. A great experience. "


"I just wanted to say a big thank you.. ..we are all incredibly grateful to you and very much appreciate receiving the Pfizer vaccination. Please also pass on my thanks to all the staff working yesterday (Sunday). The service was friendly, relaxed and professional."


"Everyone - from the lady that greeted me in the road, to the people who took my name and checked the register, to the lady who saw me at the rear door, to the office manager who took my details, to you for the injection, and for the aftercare in the waiting room - the whole team needs to be congratulated from start to finish! Absolutely first class- the attention to detail was second to none and I can't thank you enough for the professional service.


"Please would you pass on my thanks to everyone involved in the vaccine jabs yesterday.  I was allowed to bring my sister which made it much easier for her as she has been really scared.  It was just an amazingly well-run, well-organised and efficient experience.  I am so grateful.  Thank you all again."


"I received the vaccination on Friday 15th January.  I am writing to say how impressive I thought the set-up at 1 Huntingdon Road was. Although the wait in the car park was cold, the atmosphere was positive and cheerful. The people keeping an eye on the queue, taking names, offering to bring chairs if anyone was not comfortable standing for so long, were all friendly and helpful; in fact everyone on the job, both indoors and outdoors, seemed in good spirits as well as very efficient.  I congratulate the practice on such a smooth-running operation, and hope that it continues to go so well." 


Wait for us to call you

Keep our phone lines free

It is absolutely essential that we keep our surgery phone lines free for patients who are ill.  Please wait for us to call you.


How to book your appointment

Eligible patients will be contacted by their surgery team.

If you get a text and can use the link to book your appointment, please do so.  Make sure you read all the information on this page so you know about the vaccination and what to do when you visit the vaccination centre.


If you get a text but can't use the online booking service, WE WILL CALL YOU.

If you don't get the text, WE WILL CALL YOU.

If we don't have a mobile number for you, WE WILL CALL YOU.

If you miss our call, WE WILL CALL YOU.

If you have any questions, WAIT FOR US TO CALL YOU.

If you are housebound, WAIT FOR US TO CALL YOU.

We will call all patients who have not booked an appointment themselves.  

Eligible Patients

The vaccination programme is currently only available to 

Individuals over 70 years of age

Frontline healthcare and social care staff

We will contact you individually.  Do NOT call your surgery.


I am in one of the listed groups above, why do I have to wait?
The COVID-19 vaccines will become available as they are approved for use and as each batch is manufactured. So every dose is needed to protect those at highest risk. You will be called in as soon as there is enough vaccine available.

Vaccination Priority

Everyone else

The government sets which groups will get the vaccination, based on those at highest risk of severe illness and those who are most likely to spread the disease.  

Over the next few weeks and months vaccinations will be offered to other groups.  There is a strict order we must follow.

We have no say over that process and cannot make exceptions regardless of medical history or personal circumstances such as shielding.


We understand that there are people who are desperate for a vaccination.  Please be patient and please do not contact us.


Keep checking this page for updates

But remember, we will contact you when it is your turn.

Information about the COVID vaccination

The Cantab PCN vaccination centre will be vaccinating using the Pfizer Vaccine and the AstraZenica Vaccine.  We will only have one type of vaccine on each day.  If it is important to you which vaccine you receive, please make sure you refer to the schedule on this page before booking your appointment.  Unfortunately the NHS booking system does not let us advertise which vaccine is on which day. 

Click on the links below to find out more about the vaccination. 

It is important you do this before you attend your appointment.   Clinics will be busy and there will be only a short time to answer your questions.


There are now also a range of Covid-19 vaccine leaflets available in different languages.  Visit the Cambridge and Peterborough CCG website and click on the green tab marked "Translated Vaccination Leaflets" on the right hand side of the page.

Visiting the vaccination centre


The vaccination centre is at Huntingdon Road Surgery.  We are located on the corner of Huntingdon Road and Buckingham Road, opposite the entrance to Murray Edwards College.  Click here for a map.

The entrance to the vaccination centre is at the back of the building, accessed from Buckingham Road.

Marshals will be on site to help direct you.


Appointments are booked every minute, so the site will be very busy.

Please arrive on time.  Do not be early or late.

Your appointment is 5mins long.  There will be limited opportinuty to answer any questions you may have.  Please make sure you have read the leaflets above.

We will only have one type of vaccination available on each day.  If it is important to you which you receive, make sure you check the schedule on this page and book your appointment on the right day.

All patients receiving the Pfizer vaccine must wait 15mins in the centre after their vaccination.  There is no wait after the AstraZenica vaccine.

Due to social distancing measures and the numbers of patients we are vaccinating, we must ask you to leave promptly once this time is up.  

If someone is collecting you, or if you require a taxi, please call them before your 15mins is up, so that you are not waiting longer than necessary.   

TRANSPORT and access

Unfortunately there is very limited parking on site.  This will be reserved for blue badge holders.  Even if you have a blue badge, please only use it if there is no other option. 

We strongly encourage you to avoid bringing a car to the centre.  Murray Edwards College have kindly allowed us to use their turning circle as a space for patients to be dropped off and collected, but there is no space for cars to wait.

If you must drive, and do not have a blue badge, our marshals will direct you to our temporary car park which is a short (5min) walk away.  We are very grateful to one of our neighbours who has kindly given our patients the use of their car park.  Parking is only available for the short stay whilst you have your vaccination.  Please note that driving is not advised for 15minutes after any vaccination.

Cyclists will find a bike rack at the front of the building.

All appointments are on the ground floor.  There are a few small steps into the building, but assistance is available.

Those who cannot manage the steps, and those who use wheelchairs, should make themselves known to our marshals who will be able to arrange same-level access through the main entrance. 


There may be a queue to enter the building so consider wrapping up and bringing an umbrella.

Once inside, please be ready to receive the vaccination in the top of the arm.  You will need to remove coats, jumpers and long sleeves. 

COVID prevention measures

Please attend alone if possible.  If you need assistance, one other person may come with you.

Wear a face covering.

If you develop COVID symptoms (fever, new continuous cough or alteration or loss of your sense of smell or taste) or if you have a positive test


Wait for us to contact you.  We will contact all patients who do not turn up for their appointment.

Your vaccination will not be wasted.

Housebound patients

Patients who are genuinely housebound will be vaccinated by the Community Nursing Team (District Nurses) using the AstraZenica vaccine. 

The District Nurses are part of Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust (CPFT) and NOT affiliated with Huntingdon Road Surgery or any part of Cantab PCN.  We have no influence over the arrangments and so please do not contact us.  Like us, the District Nursing team must keep their phone lines free for patients who need them urgently, so please do not call them either.  We understand that arrangements are being finalised and we will post the latest information here when we know it. 

We already have a good idea which of our patients are housebound.  We have not sent invitations to those people.  Insead we will pass your details to the District Nursing team when the time comes.  You do not need to contact us to remind us that you are housebound.

If you have received an invitation for your COVID vaccination at the vaccination centre but you are housebound, WAIT FOR US TO CALL YOU.  You will have a chance to explain that you need to be vaccinated at home.

The District Nurses are unable to provide vaccination in your home unless you are truly housebound for medical reasons.   That does not include needing to be at home to look after someone else (you should make arrangements to cover your absence while you come to the centre), lack of transport (you are expected to make your own arrangements) or because you are shielding (visiting a medical appointment is an allowed reason for breaking shielding).  

Your GP practice will have final decision on whether you are considered to be housebound.

Residents in Nursing Homes

We have visited all but one of our local Nursing Homes and vaccinated patients who are unable to leave the Home.  Unfortuantely we have yet to vaccinate residents of Midfield Lodge as there is currently an outbreak of COVID-19 so it is not safe for us to enter.  We will do so as soon as we can. 

Patients in Nursing Homes are getting the AstraZenica vaccination.

If you receive an invitation to come to the vaccination centre, but are unable to get to us, please speak to your home staff to arrange for a vaccination at the home.  Please do not contact your surgery.


If you live in a residential home or in supported living accommodation, you will be expected to come to the vaccination centre.

Cantab PCN Vaccination Statistics

  Vaccine Available Lead Surgery Number of rooms vaccinating in parallel Patients vaccinated
Friday 15th January Pfizer Huntingdon Road Surgery 5 (HRSx4, BSMCx1) 376
Friday 15th January Astra Zenica Huntingdon Road Surgery Visits to Nursing Homes (HRS)  
Saturday 16th January Pfizer Huntingdon Road Surgery 5 (HRS) 460
Sunday 17th January Pfizer Huntingdon Road Surgery 5 (HRS) 540
Monday 18th January Astra Zenica Red House Surgery Visits to Nursing Homes (RHS)  
Tuesday 19th January Pfizer Huntingdon Road Surgery 5 (HRSx4, BSx1)  
Wednesday 20th January Pfizer Red House Surgery 5 (RHS) + BSMCx1(pm only)  
Thursday 21st January Pfizer Huntingdon Road Surgery 3 (HRS) 30
Saturday 23rd January Pfizer Red House Surgery    
Sunday 24th January Pfizer Huntingdon Road Surgery    
Thursday 28th January Astra Zenica Huntingdon Road Surgery   480 expected

HRS = Huntingdon Road Surgery

RHS = Red House Surgery

BSMC = Bridge Street Medical Centre


Second doses

All versions of the COVID-19 vaccination require at least 2 doses for full protection. 

The government has not yet released plans on how the second doses will be provided.

We will post more information here as soon as we know it.

Cantab PCN

The COVID vaccintion centre is brought to you by Cantab Primary Care Network (PCN).  

Cantab PCN in Cambridge is a collaboration between

Huntingdon Road Surgery

Red House Surgery 

Bridge Street Medical Centre

Although based at Huntingdon Road Surgery, the vaccination centre is run by all three practices working together.

Eligible patients who are registered at any of the three practices will be able to book appointments on any day we are open.