Coronavirus COVID-19

If you think you have COVID

Visit NHS 111 website for advice on management of symptoms.  You can also call them by dialling 111, but patients are asked to look at the website first.


Visit the government COVID pages for advice on what to do including 

  • Test and trace (obtaining a test)
  • Self isolation (and what do about work/family)


The GP surgery is here for patients who are struggling to manage their symptoms.

Other questions about COVID

The government COVID website and the NHS COVID-19 app offer advice on

  • Simple actions we must all do to continue protecting each other (hands, face, space; and let fresh air in)
  • What you can and cannot do under social distancing/lockdown
  • Self-isolation and testing for coronvirus (including sick notes)
  • Work and financial support
  • Business and self-employed people
  • Schools, education and childcare
  • Travel and transport

The GP surgery is not responsible for advice on any of the above.  We are here if you have symptoms of covid and are struggling to manage them.  Queries about anything else related to coronavirus will be directed to the government website. 

If you have questions about how COVID will affect your care at the hospital or another clinic, you should contact the hospital/clinic concerned.

Recovering from COVID?

Your COVID Recovery helps you to understand what has happened and what you might expect as part of your recovery.

Mental Health during Lockdown

The country has seen a signficiant increase in mental health problems associated with COVID-19, whether that is from social isolation; anxiety about catching the disease, or someone else catching it; those struggling with physical symptoms of COVID themselves, or caring for a loved one who is unwell; and sadly also bereavement.

The NHS has worked hard to get people talking about mental health.

There are many useful resources for mental wellbeing including -

NHS 111 option 2 ("First Response Service") 

Anyone with concerns themselves or about another person can call this number and speak to a trained mental health professional 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.  Their remit is to help with mental health emergencies.

NHS "Every Mind Matters" app

Free NHS app (available from all online app stores) helping you develop a personalised action plan for mental health.

Local NHS website on mental health.  Advice and self-help information. Self-referral to counselling and psychotherapy without needing to speak to a doctor first.